mail fraud

mail fraud - A scheme to get money or other assets from a postal customer by offering a product, service, or investment opportunity that does not live up to its claims. Prosecutors must prove that the claims were intentionally misrepresented and that the mails were used to carry out the scheme. (Also see fraud order)

Glossary of postal terms. 2014.

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  • Mail fraud — refers to any scheme which attempts to unlawfully obtain money or valuables in which the postal system is used at any point in the commission of a criminal offense. Mail fraud is a legal concept in the United States Code which can provide for… …   Wikipedia

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  • mail fraud — noun A class of felonies, providing for a separate and additional federal penalty for any criminal offense whose perpetration involved the use of the postal system of the United States of America. The mail fraud statute and its counterpart, the… …   Wiktionary

  • mail fraud — The use of the mails to defraud is a federal offense requiring the government to prove a knowing use of the mails to execute the fraudulent scheme. U. S. v. Dondich (C.A.CaL), 506 F.2d 1009. Elements of mail fraud are a scheme to defraud and the… …   Black's law dictionary

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  • fraud — n [Latin fraud fraus] 1 a: any act, expression, omission, or concealment calculated to deceive another to his or her disadvantage; specif: a misrepresentation or concealment with reference to some fact material to a transaction that is made with… …   Law dictionary

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